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Play is the Work of Children

As some of you might be aware I am currently studying to be a level 3 Early Years Practitioner. My last assignment focused on exploring the different approaches to observations and assessments of children to help support their holistic development. At Saplings we use a method called In The Moment Planning, combined with the Forest School ethos, this creates a unique child focused environment for children to excel within. Play is often seen as a break from learning, when in fact, in Early Years it is so vital to children in order for them to develop a natural a love of learning and exploring. Play is at the heart of what we do at Saplings. We strive to provide a safe, exciting place for children to learn in and encourage them to use their imagination using the natural world around them. Play allows children to engage in positive social skills, express feelings, share, strengthen language and communication skills, pretend and make believe, alongside many opportunities for physical play when climbing trees and using large loose part materials. Helping with muscle strength, taking turns and appropriate risk taking. Play is more than what meets the eye! In our natural woodland, children are encouraged to use their imaginations with endless possibilities! There are no boundaries to where their play can take them! Every day is different and offers a unique learning experience. Our planning method supports children to take lead, with us listening to their voice and taking their direction on where the day will take us! So after a busy day of playing, our wonderful Saplings have experienced so many different play opportunities, organically nurturing their understanding and knowledge, encouraging their confidence, being supported with their blossoming friendships with their individual personalities cherished and their ideas valued and listened to.

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