School Transitions

We are passionate about supporting each and every child to be confident, resilient and happy as these skills form the foundation for a successful future.

The transition to school can sometimes be a daunting experience for children (and parents!) and we work tirelessly to support each individual child to help them feel happy about the new experiences that are soon coming their way.  We do this by talking about 'big school' and introducing stories themed around primary schools and emotions (enabling them to feel confident to express how they are feeling and to help us support them in areas that may be worrying them).  We also try to obtain school uniforms from the schools they are attending so they can play 'dress up', which is always a hit with the children!


During the last half term of their time with us, we complete a Summative Assessment (which is statutory) and this goes towards informing the school of your child's current level of development. We invite parents to make an appointment with us towards the last part of their child's remaining half term, to come and have a chat about the Summative Report and provide any further information that may help your child when going to school - please feel free to email us and we can arrange a date and time.

We invite Reception class teachers to come and visit us so they can get a feel of the environment that your child is transitioning from and to meet your child and key worker.  This works incredibly well as your child will meet their new teacher in an environment they feel happy and comfortable in and we have received fantastic results in enabling teachers to see true individual characters.  It also gives your child's key worker the opportunity to tell their new teacher all about what they enjoy doing at forest school and particular interests that we are following with them at the moment - this helps to inform the teacher's planning to really make sure they plan a fun and engaging environment for you child to transition into in September.  Once appointments have been confirmed, your child's key worker will let you know when were are expecting a visit and also let you know at pick up (on the day of the visit), how it all went!


Often, parents and carers can feel apprehensive about the process and we often get asked questions such as 'how do I know my child is ready?' or 'what do I need to do to help my child be ready for school?'.  To help answer these common questions, we have uploaded two great documents that are used in Wiltshire and UK wide to help parents support their child at home.

Top Tips for Starting School                        Journey To School


As always, we are here to help answer any questions or help with any concerns you may have.


School Transitions

We are very proud to support families and children when it comes to their choice to defer their child's school start date and work closely with the Early Years team at Wiltshire Council to ensure we deliver high quality education and learning through their forest school play.








Deferred admission until later in the academic year

  • A school place in the reception class is available for children from the September of the academic year in which they turn five

  • Where an offer of a place is made to a child below compulsory school age, parents also have the right to defer their child’s entry to school until later in the school year

  • The place is held for the child and is not available to be offered to another child 

  • Entry may not be deferred beyond the beginning of the point at which the child reaches compulsory school age and not beyond the beginning of the final term of the school year for which it was made

  • Where a parent or guardian chooses to defer their child’s admission beyond the academic year for which admission is sought, the place originally offered cannot be held over and a fresh application is required

  • Children whose entry is deferred are usually expected to join their chronological peer group (year 1 unless the parents submit an application for admission to an alternative year group).

Summer born children

  • Parents of a summer born child may choose not to send their child to a school until the September following their fifth birthday and they may request that they are admitted outside their normal age group – to reception rather than year 1

  • All admission authorities are required to make clear in their admission arrangements the process for requesting admission outside of the normal age group

  • The decisions on requests for applications outside the child’s normal age group are made by the admission authority for any particular school.

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